World Record Balloon Zoo

There’s one question that burns in the minds of kids and parents alike as they watch a balloon artist work: “What’s the biggest thing you can make with balloons?”

Now we have a very satisfying answer.

Our very own David Brenion was honored to be among the 50 world-class balloon artists recruited to the AEMI World Balloon Art Festival 2017 in Xiamen, China. Along with a huge team of assistants and crew, the record was achieved with 470,000 balloons used! Thanks to the modern wonder of editing and time-lapse, the entire 2-week build has been condensed to 6 amazing minutes.


In addition to the Official Guinness World-Record setting zoo, Dave also performed his stage show daily as part of the festivities! What an unforgettable opportunity, and undeniable proof that the love of balloons is cross-cultural.