Make your Party Memorable!

Bring the colorful magic of balloons to your next birthday party, graduation, or celebration of any sort. The power of balloons is that they can be customized to fit any style, theme, or color scheme, instantly transforming your party into a unique and memorable event.

Shana Brenion is one of the best event balloon artists in the world, having traveled to over 10 countries, teaching her unique brand of wearable inflated latex. We can literally create any challenge your guests throw their way, from your favorite animal or cartoon character, to Bea Arthur ridding a sea turttle or a lifesize jetpack! (yes, we have done that!)

Our Balloon Artist fee is 200/hour per artist. Please contact us with an estimated guest count to determine the amount of time needed for our appearance.

Our creations are detailed, and we like to have a creative conversation with your guests, so that each piece is a unique collaborative artistic experience! Our pieces therefore take approximately 3-5 minutes apiece... so the length of time you hire our artists for should be based on your anticipated guest count!

1.5 Hour Party with Shana (for events with 20 kids or less) - 300